26th Jan 2013 … Toybox Reopen Event Day 1

In conjunction on the Realms Championship Qualifier Round, Toybox hosted one of the RCQ here in Malaysia that allows players to compete in the higher level of competition in WOW Trading Card Game in Realms level.

Players begin the qualification process through competing in Realm Qualifier tournaments. Each tournament awards between 3 to 10 points to each player depending on standing. Players will need to accumulate 10 points during the qualification window in order to advance to the Realm Championship tournament. We work to spread these events out globally, so as many players as possible have Realm Qualifiers that they can attend in their local area.

Once player is qualified, they can compete in any Realms in the world – http://wowtcg.cryptozoic.com/tournaments/realm-qualifiers. You think your journey just stop here? They have Continental Championship and Worlds! Competing with players around the world and claim your prizes.

A total of 11 players competing in today tournament go home with some prizes.

RCQ Season 8 Players

Top 4 Players ! See their happy faces.

RCQ Season 8 Top 4

Mage Wars demo games.

Mage War Demo Game

Having demo with 3 new players that is interested in the games. Toybox is now taking in Pre-orders now! Contact Phone Number: 03 78769805 / 012 3755366


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