Dear Gamers!!!

We are very pleased to announce our first ever! ALL-OUT GAMING WEEKEND!

In conjunction with the long weekend: 26th-28th Jan, and with the relaunch of our store, we’re pleased to bring you 3 full days of non-stop gaming!

26th Jan
i. WoWTCG Realms Championship Qualifiers
Registration 10.00AM
Start time 10.30AM
Swiss Rounds, Core Constructed

ii. Warhammer Invasion Friendly
Registration 10.00AM
Start time 10.30AM
Swiss rounds, all sets up to current FAQ
Entry Fee: RM15
Prizes: 1st Place : Any WI Chapter Pack
Participation Prizes: 15% Discount Voucher on any WI product
Lucky Draw Prizes: 4 sets of card sized capitals for all 6 factions, Game Night 2012 Deckbox, and other goodies!

27th Jan
Netrunner Open
Registration 10.00AM
Start Time 10.30AM
Swiss Rounds, all available chapter packs
Entry Fee and Prizes TBD – (Watch this space!)

28th Jan
Warmachine/Hordes Tournament
Registration 10.00AM
Start time 10.30AM
Swiss Rounds, 35pts Steamroller 2 List. No repeat characters
Entry Fee: RM60
Journeyman Warcaster Prize: RM100 Store Vouchers
Best Painted Prize: RM100 in Painting Supplies
Door Prizes: RM20 Discount vouchers – redeemable on any purchase above RM100
Lucky Draw Prizes: Dices, paints, and other such goodies!


There will be FREE BOARDGAME DEMOS running all day long on Saturday and Sunday! And potentially MINIATURE PAINTING TUTORIALS on Monday (as long as there’s interest)

We’re hoping to see you all there!!!! Watch this space for further updates to come, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


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